Winter Means Home To Me

Dated: 12/27/2017

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For me, so many memories of growing up revolve around the traditions of Christmas and winter activities.  Time spent baking, decorating, caroling and bundling up to go play in the snow or ice skate at the local rink.  December and really all winter months remind me of home.  It's a time for being home reflecting on future plans and in some ways hibernating for a bit.  What better time to start shopping for your new home?  Picture your family in the space and how you would make it your own with new or established traditions.  Imagine walking in the door and seeing your family there, maybe your family pet comfy on his/her favorite spot.  Cooking in the new kitchen - relaxing in your favorite chair.   shopping for a home in Winter months?  Sure thing!  Selling in Winter months?  Absolutely!  Image title 

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Bonnie Warnock

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